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“I’m really happy with the new website results and I’d recommend LocalSEOKings to anyone who needs a website but doesn’t have the technical expertise.”

~ Chris Lier | Founder

  • Perfect for non-techies
  • Easy to use, move-in-ready website
  • No plugins, hosting, or maintenance needed
  • Highly recommend

Switching from WiX to LocalSEOKings

1. Challenge
Chris wanted to rebuild his digital marketing agency’s website but couldn’t find an easy-to-use platform that gave him not only the user experience he was looking for but most importantly the level of flexibility he was after.

2. Solution
Chris turned to LocalSEOKings: the #1 WordPress-powered site builder, which is like the name suggests is simply WordPress without the cons. LocalSEOKings gives you the flexibility & control of WordPress with an unmatched user experience, similar to what you get with alternative platforms such as WiX, Squarespace, or Shopify.

3. Outcome
In less than 7 days, Chris was able to create his brand new website and without having to deal with all the moving parts (plugins, caching, security, hosting, maintenance, backups, etc…) WordPress is usually known for. LocalSEOKings gave him all the superpowers he needed to build his site and the amazing results could be found here: https://leadcubemedia.com/

Our Happy Customers

These smart online entrepreneurs radically transformed their businesses for the better simply by switching to LocalSEOKings.

“I’ve been building clients’ websites on WordPress, WiX, Shopify, and Squarespace. I always preferred WordPress for the features & control and all the others for the user experience. With LocalSEOKings I get both.”

Gerard Cohen
Gerard Cohen

Web Agency Owner

“Before I used to rely on so many expensive SaaS tools for my business. With LocalSEOKings I can handle proposals, Invoices, client feedback, time tracking, e-signature, and much more from my site. Just mind-blowing!”

Patricia Muller

Virtual Assistant

“I’m so glad that we switched to work with LocalSEOKings. I’ve tried almost all the site builders out there but always lack something. for my store. LocalSEOKings gives me the best of WordPress but with great ease of use. 5*”

Blake Elmore
Blake Elmore

e-Commerce store owner

More Success Stories

Marisa Peer

~ Claire | Head of practitioner marketing

LocalSEOKings took things beyond the vision that we had, the results are far beyond what we actually expected in terms of what we can provide our users with.”


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